Henrik Stenson Golf Design is a full-service design firm with the capacity to help you with anything from brand new developments to renovation and restoration of existing golf courses.

The Process

Henrik & Team with plans


Many may dream of building a world renowned golf course, but where do you start? For us, it begins with assessing a site to determine its suitability for the type of a development the client is after.

Skiss Hål 3 - Öster by Stenson


Drawings, ideas and concepts combined with the commission specifications form a conceptual scheme for the development. What is the best sustainable approach? What are the best locations for the clubhouse, maintenance, hotels, housing or other facilities that may be included?

Christin and Henrik

Detailed Design

Detailed plans are developed for the tender documents as well as course construction. The plans normally include staking, mass grading, clearing, drainage, landscaping, irrigation, grassing, tee, green and bunker details as well as other construction details as required.

Dumper in Construction


During construction we meet frequently with the golf course contractor and our shapers to ensure compliance with specifications and design as the course is built.